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Beto for Texas

37678334_10215062880420244_8028593911284891648_oTo my Conservative friends who have seen my Beto posts over the past few months and have not unfriended me, Thank you! To my like-minded friends, we got this!!

My passion for Beto O’Rourke stems from many reasons. Some of my love languages are universal health care, a living wage for Educators (and really everyone… I refuse to shop at Walmart for this reason, just ask my husband), ending the war on drugs and women’s rights just to name a few. Beto has spoken on these issues directly to me and I believe he is what’s best for not only Texas but for our country.

For two years I’ve been angry. Angry that people are being stepped on for not fitting a patriarchal mold. Angry that a pussy grabber was elected as our President (yes, I said it) Angry at the use of God to practice hate. Angry that at the moment children finally thought they had reached safety, and were going to petition for asylum, they were taken from their parents and put in cages. Angry for the white supremacists and our President not renouncing them. Angry for the fear mongering and putting wealth above all else. I’m angry that as I type this we are spending a $100 million dollars to arm our border for a political stunt when there is a caravan of people wandering through a desert looking for an escape from persecution in a promised land when we have real issues like a boiling climate to concern ourselves with (climate change is real friends and our children and grandchildren are going to pay the price for our inadequacies of dealing with it)

Beto has helped me put that anger aside and while I would have voted for him because he’s not Ted Cruz, he has been a light of hope and optimism that I lost through all of the fear and divisive rhetoric our President has used to separate us even further.

So today is here and it’s time to vote. For any of you who are just not sure, and you’re still concerned about the birth certificates and email accounts of people who are no longer in office or even campaigning, and you’re just waiting for a sign from above, please consider that maybe this is the sign right here. The Lord works in mysterious ways, like speaking directly to you through your liberal friend ranting on social media. Vote for Beto Friends. Vote for compassion. Vote for humanity. Vote for progressive ideas and a return to sanity. This whole country’s been on fire for two damn years and we have a responsibility to put it out right now.

I encourage you to check Beto’s page out and read on the issues to see where he stands on each.

If you are still reading, thank you for reading this far along.

Your proud liberal friend,

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