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Beauty in the storm…

I am beyond grateful for this beautiful, intuitive piece that the talented Meribeth Privett created for me entitled ‘Beauty in the storm.’ She nailed it. Ferocious rage being pulled by opposing forces and then calm after the storm.

With every dark passage through life, there are beautiful lessons to be learned. As a student of life, so far I am learning: Grace through some of the most traumatic of experiences and losses, to never doubt my intuition, and that it is stronger than I realized. To listen and trust it as it will always navigate me back to the highest truth. I have learned that people are not always what they project themselves to be but to forgive them and send them love and light regardless. My karmic lessons are between God and myself. Their karma is for them to sort out.

Galatians 6:7, Satnam,

Art by intuitive artist, Meribeth Privett


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