One of my favorite Authors, Don Miguel Ruiz, the father of Toltec wisdom says “Our emotions are real; the voice of knowledge that makes us suffer is not. Our suffering is true, but the reason why we suffer may not be true at all.” This got me to thinking about the all elusive, ever-changing quite conversation that goes on in the subconscious mind. So quiet yet; if you pay close attention..it actually screams louder than the conversations you have with yourself to make it shut the eff up. I call it the monkey chatter… Zen masters call it the ego. Don Miguel calls it the voice of knowledge. Either way, I am eager to read his latest book and dive deeper into his philosophy regarding suffering and the ego.

Life is a trip and no matter how “in control” we believe we may be… there is always the underlying voice of distraction that gets in the way of transcending to our full potential. I heard someone say recently “You want to know God?…start looking at your blessings.” This really resonated with me. It’s when deep within our heads, listening to the “story book” that our subconscious mind (monkey chatter) is telling us, that we lose site of all the things surrounding us that we have to be grateful for. We lose site of the secret of GIVING and become victims to a reality that is most likely, false. The stories are washed down, muddied versions of past events that have created a shield of self-defense to protect the Ego. Stories that began farther back than our memories allow us to go sometimes. Laying deep within our psyche. Yes, there is the “reality” that connects all of us, however, how much of our interpretation of that reality is actually real vs the monkey chatter going on in the back of our head?

Well….. I say screw the Ego. I want to know God.
I choose to look for the blessings, focus on them… and transcend them.

Thank you, Don Miguel, for the reminder to inquire…

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