Raise your vibration

‘As you perceive something,
you give birth to a thought
and this thought now thinks.
Now that it exists,
now that it has been conjured,
now that it has been focused,
now it vibrates.
Now, by Law of attraction, other thoughts that are vibrationally same will come to it.
So it begins its expansion immediately.’
The universe aligns itself with whatever frequency we are emitting out. High vibrational, positive thinking attracts positive experiences. Negative based thoughts, create negative experiences. It really is that simple. The Feelings of resentment, anger, jealousy, defeat, regret, sadness… are all low vibrations that fester in the subconcious mind. By being mindful and shifting these thoughts to a more loving perspective, we are able to raise our vibration which in turn attracts more love and positivity into our life. The key is to be aware of our thoughts our subconscious mind is having. Once we are able to notice the negative thinking we can do the work on shifting our perceptions. Eckart Tolle says ” Awareness is the greatest agent for change”. By being mindful and aware that the subconscious mind is at work, we are able to make positive shifts in our lives.
Some quick ways I  have learned to help raise my vibration:
GRATITUDE. Even in our darkest moments, there are things in our life to be grateful for. In those moments it is easy to get lost in our ego mind (or what I call negative monkey chatter) which focuses on negative, fear based thoughts. I have found that if I commit to a daily gratitude list it helps to pull myself out of any negative chatter. If I can’t think of anything to be grateful for because it’s just one of those blah days, I start with the basics: my eye sight, the ability to hear music, to feel the ground beneath my feet while walking in the grass. All these can be taken for granted and by recognizing them, we can bring ourselves back in alignment to the present moment of the here and now, which is all there really is anyway right?
FORGIVENESS. Now this can be a tricky one.
Marianne Williamson says
“Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it and yet there is no peace without forgiveness.”
Forgiveness does not excuse their behavior, forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart. You free yourself of the bitterness that holding onto a grudge will create. Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was okay or that they should even be welcome in your life. It just means that you have made peace with the pain and are ready to let it go.
If you are harboring negative thoughts towards another person, try praying for them and and send them loving thoughts of love, kindness and compassion. Forgiveness is the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves on the spiritual path. If we can’t learn to forgive, then we can forget about getting to higher levels of awareness. Not only does it make us feel better but it helps create a more loving, less hostile world we live in.
The universe matches whatever frequency we are throwing out, so being mindful of our thoughts helps to shift our perceptions from negative to positive. I have started a  morning practice with just five minutes a day with a meditation mantra of “I am love, I am compassion” and have seen the shift!  Miracles really do happen. 🙂

Hope this helps whoever is reading this.  It has helped me 🙂

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